NTIA Personally Invites the PM & Cabinet on “Freedom Day” to Visit Night Time Economy Businesses

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Michael Kill CEO NTIA says
“Finally “Freedom Day” has arrived, we have a long road to recovery, but we are now able to confidently work towards a longer term recovery strategy.”

“It is now vital that we see further economic support from Government to regain consumer confidence and ensure a full recovery from the pandemic.”

“Despite this most recent announcement, we will remain focussed on our responsibility to keep customers and staff safe, maintaining baseline mitigations as we have done since the 19th July 2021.”

“Experts have suggested that recovery to pre-Covid trading levels will take several years, but even this will require the helping hand of Government in supporting the sector, beginning with the Chancellor’s upcoming Spring Statement.”

“Businesses will be making investment and staffing decisions based on the Chancellor’s statement. With many businesses still in a precarious position, ensuring the right support package is in place will be critical.”

“We are calling for the extension of VAT & business rates relief to allow businesses the financial headroom to survive. This is a sector that has sacrificed more than just about any other part of the economy, and it seems right that continued support is commensurate with the scale of hit that we took during the pandemic.”

“It would be great to see the PM & Cabinet Ministers visit some night time economy businesses over the coming weeks, in support of businesses who have been hardest hit during the pandemic! This would go a long way to building confidence for the sector.”

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