NTIA Endorses Urgent Measures Within Committee Report But Calls for Broader Ecosystem Solutions Amid Unanswered Questions

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Statement from Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, on the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s Report

“As the CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), I stand in full support of the recommendations put forth by the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee in their recent report addressing the “cost-of-touring crisis” faced by artists and the dire situation of grassroots music venues.

The findings of the report underscore the urgent need for comprehensive action to safeguard the future of our vibrant music ecosystem. It is deeply concerning to learn that venues are closing at an alarming rate, threatening the livelihoods of countless individuals who rely on these spaces to showcase their talent and contribute to our cultural landscape.

The call for a comprehensive review of live and electronic music by the summer is a crucial step towards understanding the long-term challenges confronting the industry. Additionally, the proposal for a temporary VAT cut based on venue capacity and the establishment of a voluntary levy to support grassroots music activity demonstrate a recognition of the immediate interventions required to mitigate the crisis.

I echo the sentiments expressed by Dame Caroline Dinenage, chairwoman of the committee, that grassroots music venues are the lifeblood of our industry. Without adequate support, we risk not only the loss of these invaluable spaces but also the erosion of the entire music ecosystem.

The NTIA applauds the committee’s efforts to engage with stakeholders across the sector and develop meaningful recommendations that address the pressing needs of artists, venues, promoters, and music enthusiasts alike. We urge the Government to act swiftly on these proposals to ensure the survival and prosperity of live music in the UK.

We stand ready to collaborate with policymakers, industry partners, and stakeholders to implement the necessary measures and secure a sustainable future for the night-time economy and the cultural heritage it represents.”

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