NTIA Cymru response to removal of restrictions from next week in Wales

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Following the announcement from the First Minister, that Wales will finally be breaking away from restrictions that have decimated much of the hospitality sector and night time economy.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says
“The withdrawal of the Covid Pass from the end of next week, and further relaxation of restrictions from the 28th of February, will see businesses finally able to plan for the future with some level of certainty.”

“Businesses have welcomed the announcement, with many suggesting these unfounded restrictions have gone on way too long!”

“It will not go without notice that the actions of the Welsh Government are still subject to a call by our members for evidence to substantiate the closure of nightclubs over and above other businesses.”

“A recent release of Freedom of Information request submitted by the NTIA will be released shortly, and will present some evidential challenges for the Welsh Government within the public inquiry into this crisis.”

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