NTIA Calls for Vaccine Passports to be Scrapped Across All Four UK Nations

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With the news covered by the Times Newspaper over the last 24 hours from the Health Secretary Sajid Javid that the vaccine passport scheme is set to be removed from the end of January in England in light of the rapidly falling infection and hospitalisation rates. It remains our firm view that the existing passport scheme is neither proportionate, nor effective in controlling the virus across the rest of the UK.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says
“With the devastating losses in hospitality and night time economy businesses over the festive period, and effects of limited cash flow being felt across the UK, our industry has been placed in an extremely fragile state.”

“Vaccine Passports play a considerable part in the continual trading losses associated with this difficult period, with businesses reporting up to 30% loss in trade directly related to this mitigation.”

“Frustratingly, at no point have we been privy to evidence or justification to substantiate the decision behind adopting this mitigation, exacerbated further by the data emerging from all four UK territories.“

“This scheme has been damaging for the late night sector in particular, without ever being demonstrated to achieve the purported objectives, and it is now time to draw a line under it and move on with a consistent approach to other parts of the UK”

“Experts believe it will take several years for the hospitality and night time economy sectors to recover, but what is important today is for the Government to set aside their political agenda and put people and businesses at the sharpest end of the pandemic first.”

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