Notification of Statutory Consultation: Proposed Modifications to Electricity and Gas Supply Licences

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Ofgem are announcing a statutory consultation to propose modifications to the standard conditions of all electricity and gas supply licences. These changes are essential to ensure that their licensing framework remains robust and responsive to the evolving energy market landscape.

Proposed Modifications for Gas Supplier Licences

  1. Changes to Definitions in SLC 1.2: The proposed modifications include updates to the definitions within Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 1.2. These changes are necessary to clarify and modernise the terms used, ensuring they reflect current industry practices and regulations.
  2. Consequential Modification of SLC 20.6A: As a result of the changes to SLC 1.2, there will be a consequential modification to SLC 20.6A. This modification ensures consistency and coherence across the regulatory framework, maintaining the integrity of the licensing conditions.

Proposed Modifications for Electricity Supplier Licences

  1. Changes to Definitions in SLC 1.3: Similar to the gas supplier licences, we propose updates to the definitions in Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 1.3 for electricity supplier licences. These changes aim to align the definitions with contemporary industry standards and practices.
  2. Consequential Modification of SLC 20.5A: The updates to SLC 1.3 will lead to a consequential modification of SLC 20.5A. This ensures that all related licence conditions are harmonized, providing clarity and preventing any regulatory discrepancies.

How to Access Further Information

For detailed information on the proposed changes, please refer to the attached notifications for both gas and electricity supply licences. Additionally, the full consultation document can be accessed through the following link:

Statutory Consultation on consequential amendments to Standard Licence Condition 1.3 and 20.5A in the Electricity Supply Licence, and 1.2 and 20.6A in the Gas Supply Licence | Ofgem

Submit Your Responses

We invite all stakeholders to review the proposed modifications and provide their feedback. Please direct any responses to our inbox at [email protected] by 27 June 2024. Your input is invaluable in ensuring that the licensing conditions remain effective and relevant.

By staying informed and participating in this consultation, you contribute to the continuous improvement of our energy regulatory environment. Thank you for your attention and engagement.

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