New Night Safety Bus Comes to Camden

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Camden Council has launched a new Safety Hub bus to provide a safe space for anyone who needs help or support during a night out.

Open on Saturday nights from 9pm to 2.30am, the bus will be stationed on Parkway in Camden Town with trained staff on board to assist and support people who might need help during a night out.

The launch of the Camden Safety Hub bus also marks one year since the opening of Camden’s first-ever Safety Hub – a fixed space offering help and support in LabTech’s head office in Camden Market Hawley Wharf at 1 Dockray Place.

In the past year, staff and volunteers have supported almost 40 visitors at the hub and engaged with over 950 people around Camden Town, including speaking with local venues to promote the service and signposting people on a night out to the hub if they need it.

Help to get home, water and refreshments, access to phone chargers and other support is available at both the Safety Hub and on the bus.

Staff are also trained to signpost anyone who might be in help or assistance from the police or medical professionals.

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