NDML Launches the Sustainable Restaurant Awards

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Restaurant business owners and operators are now able to submit their business as nominees in the run up to the Sustainable Restaurant Awards Grand Final. Applications officially opened in September 2023 and expect to be closed 15th December 2023.

The judges want to hear how your restaurant has changed or adopted practices to be more ‘green’. And considering sustainable practices can benefit multiple areas of a restaurant’s operation simultaneously, restaurant owners can apply for any and all categories.

What are the sustainable restaurant awards?

The Sustainable Restaurant awards are the new standard-bearers for recognising sustainable action within the hospitality and restaurant sector. The sustainable restaurant awards provides a platform for both established and fledgling restaurant businesses to show-off their innovation and creativity.

Why businesses should make a submission to the sustainable restaurant awards?

By participating in the Sustainable Restaurant Awards, not only will you gain extensive exposure for your business, you will also help heighten the restaurant industry’s sustainability standard as a whole. As an applicant you will join a network of industry leading hospitality operators, connected through NDML and Restaurant Insure, ready to share innovative ideas and make positive change.

In recognition of their efforts, each business will receive a commemorative plaque as well as a significant online presence. Their practices, actions, or menu will be publicised; explaining why their attitudes toward sustainability go above and beyond what is expect, and why their business deserves consumer attention.

The list of sustainable restaurant awards categories includes:

  • Sustainable Restaurant of the Year – This is the pinnacle of the sustainable restaurant awards. It showcases the business that has put in place multiple elements to limit energy spend, reduce their footprint, deliver ethically conscious food, and educate other brands or consumers.
  • Sustainable Energy Award – This award is open to ingenuity and creativity, involving how an operator has investigate their energy usage and acted to improve their impact.
  • Field to Fork Award – Recognises restaurants who have grown and utilised their own ingredients, or have sourced ingredients from local and sustainable sources, considering food miles and menu choices,
  • Al Fresco Dining Award – Celebrating those who have embraced al fresco dining.
  • Food Waste Award – Recognising restaurants that have put in place actions to minimise waste 
  • Sustainable Innovation Award – Recognisable actions may include managing a restaurant’s footprint, mobile applications, or methods for educating consumers.
  • Sustainable Start-Up Award – The award celebrates hospitality businesses who have been designed with sustainability in mind, and eco-friendliness is a core part of their businesses model.
  • Sustainable Staffing Award – This award celebrates businesses who have gone above and beyond for their staff.
  • Community Award – This award recognises businesses who have given back to their community.
  • Sustainable Chef of the Year – This award recognises an individual who is passionate about implementing sustainability throughout the restaurant.

If you know of a restaurant who you believe deserves recognition, then share the awards. The Sustainable Restaurant Awards are a great way for businesses who pay attention to sustainable practices to have their efforts realised.

Click here for more information and how to nominate!

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