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Following last week’s theme one ‘ambience and artistry’ we discussed the significance of music and the entertainment/event industry and have since been in conversation with the Night Time Economy Association, who have demonstrated in a published article of their own about the hit that night life will take, given the current signs of inflation. To read our last week’s post again you can find it here.

As a radio channel we are heavily linked to the events and hospitality sectors which is a huge contributor to our economy and a reason why we wanted to present the findings of a study the NTIA themselves have done and the potential impact it could have.

As a channel we aim to bring awareness to our audience and whilst we focus on our live broadcasts we do also use our mailout as an opportunity to engage in more detail about the sector itself.

In the study carried out by the NTIA the following areas stood out in the report:

A 30% increase in operating costs compared to pre-pandemic which means many businesses are barely breaking even and are unsure if they will survive the next 12 months.

Ticket sales and repeat business have dropped with a recession in view.

With energy bills ever increasing there is no sign of a golden era any time soon.

The CEO of NTIA Michael Kill states:

Our industry is still extremely fragile, many will struggle to survive another crisis.

Please complete and share the following message on social media and with as many of your personal and business networks as possible .. This is a quick & easy way to contact your Local MP.

Every MP contacted is required to make a representation to the Treasury on your behalf in considering your request for further support for the sector.

Following the link here it will take you to a page where you can enter your postcode and it will bring up your local MP followed by a draft letter for you to use. NTIA also urges “customise it as this makes the message even more impactful”.

To read the original article with more detailed findings head to ‘NTIA Survey Shows Devastating Impact of Cost Inflation on Night Time Economy Services’ here.

Whilst we aim to bring uplifting news to your inbox there sometimes stands an opportunity to deliver something more serious however we like to do so with a solution based approach. In this case the collective aim is to reduce VAT by 12.5% and place an energy cap on small-medium sized businesses.

If you consider the impact stated in the findings and like to support the channel and wider economy please do take a few moments to customise the message to your MP in a way it makes you feel as though you are able to make a difference. Your voice is nothing until you use it.

Right here we understand the power of communication and when intentions are for the good the outcome is likely to be, too.


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