Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, Welcomes Labour Government: The Real Work Starts Today!

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“As CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), I warmly welcome the new Labour Government. Your commitment to our sector, vital to the UK’s economy and culture, is appreciated. However, the real work begins now. Our industry faces serious challenges and needs urgent attention to recover from years of neglect through the cost of living crisis and the pandemic.

The night time economy thrives on a dynamic young workforce and consumer base whose energy and creativity are indispensable. Their involvement is vital for our industry’s success and shaping future voters. We must foster their engagement, as a priority and address their needs to ensure a thriving and inclusive nightlife sector.

Our sector must rebuild trust with the new government, after years of feeling misunderstood and undervalued, we must work towards changing the narrative around the value of the night time economy, secure stronger representation at all levels, and create a more integrated regulatory system. We must also address tax disparity, reform business rates, protect independent operators, and align VAT with European standards.

Immediate attention is needed in several key areas. Firstly, we urge the new Government to appoint a dedicated  Minister for the Night Time Economy. This role will ensure focused attention and strategic direction for our sector at the highest level of government. Additionally, establishing regional representatives will then also facilitate effective strategy, communication and coordination across regions.

Independent businesses and culture have suffered heavily over the last four years. Rebuilding and protecting existing businesses, creating a foundation for the future, and funding grassroots spaces and cultural events are essential for recovery. Implementing a heritage protection scheme for venues and cultural spaces will go some way to ensuring the preservation of venues that are integral to our communities.

It is crucial to quickly establish a strong working foundation to support the industry in creating safe, culturally enriched cities and towns across the UK.

More importantly, we urge you to take time to listen and consult on policies impacting our sector, recognising our challenges and our true value in terms of the local economy, community shaping, and the impact on social, physical, and mental well-being.

The new government has a considerable opportunity ahead, with the current majority, there is an opportunity for meaningful and transactional change. We need the new government to prioritise meaningful policy changes, strategic and targeted financial support, and collaborative efforts to shape the future of nightlife. This will ensure a sustainable and thriving future for night time industries. 

Together, we can create a robust and vibrant nightlife economy that benefits communities and drives economic growth. The NTIA stands ready to work with you to achieve these goals.”

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