Michael Kill Appointed Vice President of the International Nightlife Association as the Night Time Industries Association earns a place on the Global Stage

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The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is proud to announce the appointment of Michael Kill as the new Vice President of the International Nightlife Association (INA). This significant achievement marks a pivotal moment for the NTIA as it continues to solidify its influence and leadership on the world stage.

Michael Kill, with his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the nightlife industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and a visionary approach to his new role. As CEO of the NTIA, Kill has been a staunch advocate for the nightlife sector, championing the interests of venues, operators, and workers across the UK. His appointment as Vice President of the INA is a testament to his leadership and the NTIA’s growing impact on global nightlife policy and advocacy.

The International Nightlife Association, headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, is the leading global organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting the nightlife industry. The INA works with a network of national and regional associations to address challenges, share best practices, and advance the interests of nightlife venues worldwide. With Michael Kill’s appointment, the NTIA is now positioned to play a more influential role in shaping the future of nightlife on an international scale.

“This appointment is a tremendous honour and a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the entire NTIA team,” said Michael Kill. “I am excited to collaborate with our international counterparts to drive positive change and innovation in the nightlife sector. Together, we will work towards a vibrant, sustainable, and safe nightlife environment for all.”

The NTIA’s recent achievements include successful campaigns to secure government support during the COVID-19 pandemic, initiatives to promote safety and inclusivity in nightlife spaces, and efforts to highlight the economic and cultural importance of the night time economy. These accomplishments have garnered recognition and respect from industry leaders and policymakers, paving the way for this significant milestone.

Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, expressed gratitude to Michael Kill for his trust in joining the organization as the first Vice President. He also emphasized Michael Kill’s extensive experience advocating for the nightlife sector, his tenure as the head of NTIA, and his proficiency in organizing conferences and summits showcasing the nightlife industry’s value and prestige.

The General Secretary of the INA stated that “with the addition of NTIA UK, the INA now operates in 27 countries, which is a significant indication of its global presence. This enables our members to exchange experiences and ideas for addressing sector issues, prioritize the professionalisation of tourist leisure, handle business responsibilities in compliance with legal obligations, tariffs, and copyrights for artists, promote innovation and sustainability, and keep up with new trends”.

As the NTIA steps onto the world stage, it remains committed to its mission of supporting and advancing the UK’s nightlife industry. Michael Kill’s new role as Vice President of the INA signifies a new era of collaboration and growth, ensuring that the voices of nightlife professionals are heard and respected around the globe

For more information about the NTIA and its initiatives, please visit www.ntia.co.uk

To learn more about the International Nightlife Association, visit www.international-nightlife.com

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