Keir Starmer Launches ‘Change’ – Labour’s General Election Manifesto

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Labour’s first steps for change an ‘immediate repair job’ on Britain: Keir Starmer launches ‘Change’ – Labour’s general election manifesto

Launching Labour’s general election manifesto ‘Change’, Keir Starmer said that his first steps are an ‘immediate repair job on Britain’ to end the chaos, turn the page and rebuild Britain.

In an optimistic speech to the country, Starmer set out how his party would immediately get to work with six steps for change.

While the Conservatives have thrown out desperate unfunded spending commitments that will mean people paying £4,800 more on their mortgage, Labour has today turned the focus to its ambitious long-term plan for the future. 

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“I have changed the Labour Party, and I am ready to change Britain.

“Labour’s first steps for change are a downpayment on our long-term plan for the country – an immediate repair job on the damage that has been caused under 14 years of Conservative chaos and decline. We know we can’t wave a magic wand and pretend that everything will be fixed overnight. 

“But with Labour, our first steps for change will deliver economic stability, cut NHS waiting times, launch a new Border Security Command, create Great British Energy, crack down on antisocial behaviour and recruit 6,500 new teachers. They are the first steps towards our long-term plan. 

“But to get change, you have to vote for it. The choice at this election is another five years of chaos under the Conservatives, with people paying £4,800 more on their mortgages, or change with Labour. It’s time to stop the chaos, turn the page and start rebuilding Britain.” 

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