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Quarterly statistics from the 4 different alcohol duty regimes administered by HM Revenue and Customs.

The Alcohol Bulletin National Statistics present statistics from the Alcohol Duty administered by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on 4 different alcohol categories: Wine (wine and other fermented products), Spirits, Beer and Cider.

The Alcohol Bulletin is updated quarterly and includes statistics on duty receipts up to the latest full month before its release, and statistics relating to clearances and production that are one month behind that of duty receipts.

Archive versions of the Alcohol Bulletin published on GOV.UK after August 2019 are no longer hosted on this page and are instead available via the UK Government Web Archive, from The National Archives.

Archive versions of the Alcohol Bulletin published between 2008 and August 2019 are found on the archived UK Trade Info website, accessed via the National Archives.

Quality report

Further details for this statistical release, including data suitability and coverage, are included within the Alcohol Bulletin quality report.

Alcohol Bulletin commentary (February to April 2024)

Alcohol Bulletin tables (February to April 2024)

Alcohol Bulletin background and references

Historic Alcohol Duty rates

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