NTIA’s Game Changing Partnership Brings Vital Employment Opportunities to the Industry

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CCCG Mayor’s Academies is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the NTIA, The Lisa Lashes School of Music, Safeguarding Nightlife, and the Department of Work and Pensions. This collaboration represents a powerful alliance aimed at addressing the pressing staffing challenges facing the Creative night time industries.  This partnership underscores the commitment of CCCG Mayor’s Academies, to drive economic growth, enhance employability, and ensure that communities have access to a skilled workforce.

Following an extremely successful launch earlier this month, the initiative, part of the Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP), has offered its initial cohort of students specialised training in music production, events management, career development and welfare engagement to support the revival of the hospitality and entertainment sector.

The program aims to help individuals return to work in the sector while benefiting businesses by reducing recruitment costs.

In collaboration with key stakeholders in the SWAP program the Lisa Lashes School of Music (LLSOM) provides wide array of modules.These encompass various aspects, such as events management, music production, transferrable industry skills, professional DJ skills and techniques, social media and content management, song and lyric writing, industry branding, and numerous others.

In parallel, the Night Safe Champion Program dedicates its efforts to addressing challenges within the nighttime economy and hospitality sectors. It accomplishes this by strengthening safeguarding measures through comprehensive training, covering topics like vulnerability awareness, first aid, equality and diversity in safeguarding, sexual harassment, awareness of drugs and alcohol issues, spiking incidents, and more.

Mike Kill CEO NTIA says: “Our industry has always been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at helping individuals reenter the workforce with valuable skill sets. We are dedicated to creating safe spaces for socialising and cultural enjoyment while simultaneously providing flexible and blended learning opportunities through our accreditation scheme, making it easier for people to acquire the skills they need to rejoin the workforce.”

“One crucial aspect of this initiative is the ongoing assessment and evaluation as part of the accreditation, assessing its impact on our operational environments. As an industry, increasing workforce awareness of safeguarding and vulnerability enables people to have a more significant role in reducing associated crimes in society.”

Funded through the Mayor’s Academy, the program is available through Capital City College, with SGNL and FAC as delivery partners.

Tottenham Job Centre Plus (JCP) enthusiastically supports this program, and there has already been an overwhelming response to the initiative, with a huge interest in the course so far.

A spokesperson from the DWP said: “This unique and innovative partnership is already delivering positive results, working directly with the nighttime industries to address specific challenges faced by the sector and to help more people into work.

Silvana Kill, Director NTIA CIC says: “We have listened to our communities and the challenges faced. We acknowledge that more needs to be done to ensure our customers and people feel safe. We understand that it takes more than writing policies and placing well-meaning posters. We need to do more.”

“Our aim is not just to increase awareness, but through collaboration, give back the confidence communities are presently lacking through our workforce. This initiative will empower people to feel safeguarded and know what to do in a vulnerable situation.”

The program is open to businesses with current or future vacancies, including full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, contract, or seasonal positions. Furthermore, all training is provided at no cost to employers, making it an attractive opportunity for businesses seeking to fill positions in the hospitality, creative, catering, and music sectors.

“Our focus is on providing the right education, skills, and confidence to enthusiastic individuals looking to succeed, as we are fully committed to supporting healthy growth in the Hospitality, Creative, Catering, and Music sectors,” said the program organisers.”

Deborah Hewitt Director Safeguarding Nightlife says: “Whilst designing the Night Safe Champion programme, we have brought in consultants who are experts in their field, bridging gaps to preset the most up-to-date and relevant initiatives, not only to safeguard and support our industry in taking control of their space but also to be mindful to ensure vulnerability is not misunderstood, instead empowering our community, with critical thinking to enable decision making to handle and navigate changing times.”

“Our aim at Safeguarding Nightlife is to maximise the impact of information by sharing best practices across the country, in line with local policy and standing as ambassadors to prepare and protect both our community and an industry that promotes a positive impact on our mental health, without our community coming together, through fear of vulnerability we would see a far higher fallout in family and workspaces alike. It’s our job to nurture a positive impact on preparation to safeguard as this is about our industry being celebrated for generations to come.”

For more information about the Night Safe Champion Accreditation Programme and to explore how your business can benefit from this unique employability initiative, please visit the Night Safe Champion Welfare Engagement Officer website.

Notes to Editors:

Nikki McNeill | Publicist for NTIA

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About the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA): The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is a leading advocacy group dedicated to promoting and enhancing the nighttime economy. NTIA represents a wide range of nighttime businesses, from bars and clubs to cultural venues, and works to create a vibrant, safe, and inclusive nighttime environment.

Lisa Lashes School of Music (LLSOM)

The Lisa Lashes School of Music (LLSOM) is a renowned institution specialising in music education and industry training. With a mission to nurture talent and provide comprehensive training, LLSOM offers a diverse range of courses designed to equip individuals with the right skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the music and entertainment industry. Learn more at Lisa Lashes School of Music.

Safeguarding Nightlife:

Safeguarding Nightlife is a collaboration between various organisations and partners with the goal of setting and maintaining professional standards for night time operations. The Night Safe Champion Welfare Engagement Officer training program offers education, guidance, and support to meet these standards and provides a continuous cycle of professional development. The objective is to bring industry specialists together to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. Learn more at Safeguarding Nightlife.

First Aid Collective:

The First Aid Collective – Provide training and education specialising in First Aid excellence led by front line experts.

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