Please find below the suggested actions points/messages regarding impacts of extreme heat on a mass gathering:

  • Reinforce comms, considering the nature of the event (as was done with the Isle of Wight Festival on 17 June).
  • Ensure access to water during the event (how is this being planned to ensure the response scaled to the number of people expected in the event).
  • Consider extra pressures in the NHS due to staff annual leave, and an extraordinary increase in demand
  • Possible Health Promotion Responses to be Implemented (Reference: Public health for mass gatherings: key considerations ( key considerations ( – Pages 18/20 and 72 – heat impacts):
    • Water misters attached to high velocity fans
    • Air-conditioned buses used as cooling stations
    • Shade provision
    • Public awareness raising of preventative behaviours e.g. use of sunscreen, increased water intake, seeking shade, covering the head, wearing loose light coloured clothing
    • Free and well signposted drinking water
    • Ensuring toilets and health facilities are positioned in shaded areas
    • Availability of sunscreen, hats and fans)

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