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BS4C offers NTIA members a unique service for companies experiencing financial difficulties.

BS4C are NOT Insolvency Practitioners, we seek to ensure your company will not have to be liquidated, that is be able to carry on trading and retain staff and suppliers. We are the only alternative to insolvency and liquidation of your company.

Our service will not affect your companies status or credit record. Your creditors will be paid in full but at a pace that suits you. We ensure full transparency to give the creditors the re assurance to agree our proposals.

If your company is experiencing financial issues, the best course of action is always to act quickly before it’s too late to save the business.

BS4C negotiates with all creditors, Banks, lenders, utilities, landlords, HMRC/VAT/PAYE, CBILs and BBILs and business rates.

We handle all communications from your creditors. We do NOT handle your money.

We will give you the “Breathing Space” you need!

Call 01352 716632 for a free assessment or mail [email protected]

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