Arts Council England Update: Launch of New Grassroots Music Fund

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Exciting news for the grassroots music community! The Arts Council England has announced the next phase in the rollout of the new Government-supported Supporting Grassroots Music fund. This initiative promises to bring fresh opportunities and support to eligible organisations and individual promoters within the grassroots music sector.

The Council has taken a significant step by appointing five part-time Relationship Managers, each dedicated to one of the five areas of operation. These managers are tasked with providing tailored advice and support across the country. To maximise their impact, the focus will initially be on two key priorities:

  1. Providing introductory webinars and event-based advice sessions in partnership with membership bodies/other umbrella groups.
  2. Providing introductory briefing sessions in partnership with local place-based organisations (and other Arts Council officers who work with them) in what we call ‘Priority Places’, i.e. places that have been identified as being historically in receipt of less access to public investment

This strategy aims to efficiently and effectively reach a wide range of individuals and organisations. The team is committed to ensuring that this approach doesn’t exclude anyone from accessing their advice or applying to the program.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up for an advice session, either online via webinars or through events. Bookings for sessions with sector partners are being scheduled from early February 2024 through the end of the year.

The Council is keen to include all major sector and umbrella bodies relevant to the fund. They also welcome feedback, especially concerning any groups or demographics that might be overlooked and the best strategies to engage them.

For further queries or to express interest in an advice session, the Arts Council England invites you to reach out through the provided link. This is an exciting time for grassroots music, and the Arts Council England is eager to foster growth and creativity in the sector.

Find links to a new Arts Council blog about the new Supporting Grassroots Music fund and also a link to their updated fund Info Sheet.


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