Alex Salmond’s Alba Party Manifesto With a Firm Focus on Independence

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In a wide ranging document Alba Party have set out their strategy to deliver independence and the key policy areas they are prioritising in the election. 

Salmond’s party have highlighted seven key areas they will take action on, including Scottish Independence, 

the cost of living crisis, saving the Grangemouth Oil Refinery from closure, protecting the sex-based rights of women and girls reduced fuel bills and a new Scottish Triple Lock that will see an extra £1000 a year payment to pensioners compared to the rest of the UK.

Salmond also says that a vote for Alba Party is a vote to rid Scotland of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And Alba have also set out a new economic policy to bring more money into the public sector to protect the NHS and recruit hundreds of extra GPs and Dentists to address a “crisis” point in accessing appointments.

Speaking at his manifesto launch today Mr Salmond set out plans to help Scotland hit a target of 500 new GPs by 2027, increase Advanced Nursing Practitioners to 1000 in the Scottish NHS as well as the establishment of a new graduate school of dentistry in the HIU Inverness campus building through its work in the Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine Programme (ScotGEM). This will be backed up by Scotland wide incentives for dental graduates to commit to the NHS.

Alba Party have also put a key emphasis on tackling the cost of living crisis and want to see an annual payment of £500 to every household in receipt of council tax reduction, free school breakfast and lunches for all nursery, prints and secondary school children and free access to sports facilities for all under 18s. 

Being the only political party offering a strategy to deliver independence was the key take away from Mr Salmond’s Alba Party manifesto. Alba say they are the only party putting independence on the ballot paper and the only party with a strategy to deliver independence.

Introducing his Alba Party manifesto Alex Salmond said: 

“ On July 4 Scotland goes to the polls in a UK General Election – the ALBA Party believe that every single national election should be used to seek a mandate to begin negotiations for Independence. That means the election itself should provide the popular mandate for Independence.

Scotland stands at a pivotal moment in its history. For too long Westminster Governments have been allowed to veto the expressed democratic wishes of Scots. Household incomes are under unprecedented financial pressure as families face a cost of living crisis which is squeezing household budgets to breaking point.

Eight separate national elections have come and gone since the referendum of 2014, including two mandates at Holyrood and three Westminster elections, all with an Independence majority. But little or no action has been taken to move the dial on Independence.

We have the opportunity at this Election to make our votes count for independence.” 

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