AFEM Statement on Beatport Article

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Statement released 6th September 2022

“AFEM were dismayed to see the allegations in an article relating to Beatport’s work culture. As an organisation which fights for equality and fairness across every part of the global dance music sector, we take these issues seriously.

We do not condone any work cultures in which employees are made to suffer bullying, racist or sexist behaviour – sadly these cultures are still all too rife within the music industry and this needs to change.

Our Code of Conduct Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination is issued to all AFEM members, with the expectation that they adhere to the code in their dealings with their staff, internal teams and external customers and share our commitments and values around diversity, equity and inclusion.

No-one can go back and right past wrongs or undo the suffering caused to those individuals affected by such behaviours. AFEM would like to extend our ongoing support to any individual who has suffered, or is suffering, throughout this whole process.

What we can do, however, is look to the future and how to effect positive change. We can work tirelessly with companies across our sector towards eradicating these behaviours and creating equitable, safe and positive working cultures for all.

Beatport are a central part of the electronic music ecosystem and have been for many years. Whilst they have been responsible for a number of positive initiatives around diversity and inclusion, supporting creators and peers across the industry, it is clear from a range of reactions from our community that their response to date hasn’t been satisfactory. Following considerable discussion, AFEM are starting work straight away with Beatport’s teams – and with teams and companies across our community – to implement tangible, measurable structures for change, with commitments made throughout the company to deliver those changes.

For transparency, AFEM is not paid for such consultation and counsel. However, Beatport are a long-standing paying member of AFEM, and this is part of our duty as a non-profit trade organisation, to any of our members.

We believe that working together as a community will bring more positive results than dividing or pitting our community against each other.

We believe striving for improvement in the future is more productive than simply condemning past failings with no positive plan or outcome. It’s through looking forward and collaborating that our industry can make the change that we all know is required.

We believe the way forward is in supporting workforces across electronic music, implementing structures for the necessary change and holding companies to account for making those changes.

Silvia Montello

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