PCA reviews how pub companies manage repairs and dilapidations in response to tenant dissatisfaction

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Organisation:Pubs Code Adjudicator
Type:Press Release
Date:12 October 2023

The PCA has published a report into its findings following its thematic review into how pub companies manage repairs and dilapidations. Engagement with tenants and pub companies will continue to ensure they discover what is driving levels of dissatisfaction and implement strategies for improvement.

The PCA has published a report following a review into how regulated pub companies are managing repairs and dilapidations under the Pubs Code. The results from the 2023 PCA Tied Tenant Survey identified that 45% of tied tenants are dissatisfied with the way in which their pub company handles repairs and dilapidations, following a similar result last year. Dissatisfaction varied by length and type of agreement, which is unsurprising given it is often a factor in who is responsible for repairs. To begin to understand the reasons behind the survey results, the PCA has informally consulted with pub companies and the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII). 

As part of the review, the PCA considered information sources such as the 2023 PCA Tied Tenant Survey results and pub company compliance reports as well as industry guidance. This provided an insight into the various processes and procedures and best practice guidance relating to repairs and dilapidations, as well as common issues for tenants.  

The PCA’s review looked at how tenants received information on their repair liabilities early in their tenancy as well as how repairs and dilapidations are managed at other key points in the journey. The BDM’s handling of discussions around this was also considered. The BII offered valuable insights from its experience talking to tenants, usually through its helplines.  

The PCA considers there is more work for the pub companies to do, and Fiona Dickie says, “I want to encourage the pub companies to identify what is driving levels of dissatisfaction amongst tied tenants around repairs and dilapidations. I expect pub companies to look at innovative ways to improve their service to tenants and swiftly and effectively manage any issues and disputes that arise.” 

To read more about rights for tenants in respect of pub premises see the factsheet: What Tied Tenants Need to Know About Repairs and Dilapidations. Relevant information or queries in relation to the content of the report may be sent to [email protected]

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