Welsh Government Distort Impact on Trade with Covid Pass Expansion Looming
Flash Poll of over 100 businesses within the Night Time Economy across Wales shows a considerable impact on trade and additional costs on businesses.
  • Late Night Economy Businesses have seen a 26% drop in trade since the implementation of the Covid Pass within these settings.
  • Implementation of this mitigation is costing on average £398 Per Week in additional cost (Additional 21K Operating Costs per Year)
  • Businesses that have had to change their business model to fall outside of the guidelines to adopt the Covid Pass, have seen businesses lose between 10-15% of trade. (This would include reducing operating hours, removing or covering a dance-floor or stopping music being played.)

The Welsh Government has underplayed the impact of the Covid Pass on businesses across the country.

Consideration needs to be given for further financial support for businesses to be able to manage the additional cost of these mitigations, where many are still overburdened with debt from long term closure, it is agonising to have to contend with further business losses without support.

Any further expansion of the Covid Pass to the wider hospitality sector by the Welsh Government will have a devastating impact on trade, and will reverse the recovery process for an entire sector.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says
“It is clear that businesses that are currently burdened with the Covid Pass, have had to endure further losses, coupled with debt from closure, whilst being saddled with the cost of implementing these additional mitigations with no financial support.”
“The targeting of businesses within this sector, even with clear evidence that there are other settings which have a considerable impact on the spread of this virus is astounding.”
“The commitment of this industry to the Welsh Government’s public health strategy has been unprecedented, it is now time to consider the real financial impact on these businesses and give them the support they truly deserve, and end the uncertainty along with these unsubstantiated measures.”

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