#WeAreNightlife is a campaign designed by NDML insurance brokers, celebrating the reopening of the night-time leisure and hospitality industry.

The nightlife industry is at the heart of society; it is integral to our national identity. It is also the industry that has suffered under the government-restriction as a reaction to the COVID pandemic. Its an industry that has in recent times drawn the short straw, and yet has gained respect and commendation for its overall response and understanding. It’s an industry which includes nightclubs, bar, restaurants, live music venues, freelancers, brokers, associations, and the general public. It’s an industry which must stand together and declare #WeAreNightlife.

The NTIA have partnered with NDML insurance brokers on this campaign in an effort to spread the message and boost the profile. We are also partnering with businesses who have adapted and overcome the past year’s adversities, showcasing their venue as an excellent example of our beloved sector.

We want to assist NDML in celebrating the greatness and of the night-time industry as well as its necessity to the public. We believe after-lockdown, the penny finally dropped for members who perhaps in the past took British nightlife for granted. By highlighting both the difficulties and the victories in major cities across the UK, we hope the appetite for experiencing our nightlife scene will only grow and flourish.

Justin Romero-Trigo, CEO of NDML said:

“From day one, we’ve worked with the nightlife industry because I’m so passionate about it. I’ve missed being able to get out to the UK’s greatest venues over the last year, and we’ve seen first hand the hit they’ve taken in the wake of COVID-19.

That’s why I wanted to create this campaign, to help raise awareness of the artistic & cultural impact our night-time economy has, and to give venues the much needed boost they need to thrive once more.”

NTIA CEO Michael Kill said:

“It’s great to be working alongside NDML, and venues across the country to make this project happen. Daniel at Rockpoint Leisure has got us off to an incredible start, and we’re so grateful for his enthusiasm for the project to showcase just what an amazing impact this campaign can make across the UK.

I’m really excited to see what amazing pieces of community art develop over the coming weeks and months, to give us an insight into the unique local heritage of so many amazing nightlife cities.”

Flipside Craft Beer & Cocktails

Throughout the pandemic, Flipside transformed from indoor music bar to al-fresco cocktail venue, using the time to renovate their outdoor space. Flipside are not alien to revamps and reimaginations, having walked many boards in their eclectic existence. However they’ve found a winning formula in recent times, awarded best cocktail bar in Bristol. They are a longstanding member of the famous Bristol nightlife scene.

See Flipside Video here

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Graffiti Spirits Group, Liverpool

Graffiti Spirits Group has become Liverpool’s leading independent bar and restaurant group. Liverpool is a hugely influential nightlife scene for the UK, and Graffiti Spirts Group has carved out a successful business model and returning audience base over the course of a decade. Founded by John Ennis and Matt Farrell in 2009, their continued ambition, hard work and drive has pushed graffiti Spirits Group to new heights.

See GSG Video here

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Piano Works, London

A completely unique non-stop live music experience has been imagined and brought to life by Piano Works in Farringdon. Based on the duelling bars of America, Tristan Moffat has provided a platform for London’s most talented musicians. He has been outspoken on the disproportionate effect restrictions have had on nightlife and the extent of the modifications Piano Works has had to make to their venue.

See Piano Works Video here

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Fabric, London

A nightclub with an emphasis on inclusivity, Fabric is Farringdon’s super club. At the forefront of new age electronic dance, Fabric have also supported the rise of London’s favorite genres. Grime, UKG, Ragga and DnB, here it all on Fabric’s bodysonic dancefloor. Their lineups are diverse and their staff are trained to deal with incidents, pertaining to a strict harassment and welfare policy. The nightclub actively tries to reflect the image of society they want to see by focusing on inclusivity, equality and balance. We firmly believe Fabric is the past, present and future of the London nightlife industry.

See Fabric Video here

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NDML has made it their mission to protect, safeguard and provide guidance to businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector. With inside information, case studies and up-to-date information on policy changes, NDML is a broker who cares about a business’s welfare and will celebrate their growth.

NDML is the broker that’s number one in the nightlife sector and they offer exclusive tailor-made policies, utilising decades worth of expertise. The award-winning service is built upon genuine relationships, and that’s why campaigns such as #WeAreNightlife need to be supported and broadcasted far and wide.

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