The recent SFE Levy increase by PPL has been an ongoing concern since the challenge made by ALMR with the support of the Industry in 2011.

The threat of this increase couldn’t have come at a worse time, with growing concerns in terms of operating costs across the sector, we are battling a multitude of tax implications… Business Rates / Rents / Late Night Levys and Business Improvement District funding all taking a piece from the bottom line.

It’s unreasonable to think that the Industry as a whole can stomach much more in terms of cost, particular from PPL, which in terms of transparency has fallen short.

This is a tough position given the fine balance between sustainable performance and cultural spaces and artists and producers being paid, quite rightly for the public performance of music.

During my tour of the UK, there has not been one challenge in terms of artists being paid according to there craft, the challenge is the distrust that has been built in terms of the association which administers the collection and distribution of these funds.

So we need to ask some questions at this point! The collection of Artists/PPL Member based royalties are based on total audience admissions, not on actual playlists relevant to artists music being played? if this is the case who is being paid? Do PPL think that the surrogacy method of commercial radio is relevant to the current market place for them to distribute from? What happens with unclaimed monies? What happens to artists who do not want to be affiliated with PPL?

We all want an ecosystem where cultural spaces can flourish, and artists have physical spaces to perform in! Why is an association at the heart of the Industry demanding unreasonable rates based on loose research to the detriment of the Industry!

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