Buy music and merchandise, make a donation to support clubs and nightlife workers. Skip a refund to a cancelled event. Do whatever you can. Your support makes a massive difference. #Saveourscene

Everything you need to know about the Save Our Scene campaign.


In an open letter, signed by more than 2,600 people in the scene across five continents, published today on Resident Advisor, we are supporting a collective action from the electronic music community to #Saveourscene.

A note from RA‘s founders:

“Since the beginning, RA has existed with one core purpose: to support local scenes. This has been our guiding star for nearly two decades, informing the decisions we make every day. In the midst of a scary, unpredictable moment, one that is drastically changing the lives of millions of people around the world, our scene is facing the most challenging period in its history.

The world of electronic music is shaped not only by artists and fans, but by thousands of small, independently run organisations and self-employed individuals, from clubs and booking agents to artists and promoters. These are passionate people with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to electronic music. Our scene depends on this network of groups and individuals and the contribution they make.

The events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have dire consequences for the hundreds of thousands of people who give so much to keep our culture alive. There is hope, however, that we, the dance music community, can work together to find the ideas that positively impact the future of independent music for decades to come. As the world’s norms are flipped, we hope this moment fuels countless new ideas and collaborations. This has shown how precarious our industry was. We can seize on this moment to make something that works better for everyone.

We feel a deep sense of gratitude for being part of this community and want to do everything we can at this moment to help it survive this existential threat.

By working together, we believe we can help save our scene.

Nick & Paul”

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