We know customer service has always been exceptionally important to the night-time industry. That’s not going to change any time soon. However, customer expectations are rising. And they won’t just sit back and accept an inadequate experience.

If you don’t have a certain drink in stock, there are not enough ice cubes in a customer’s drink or the temperature’s not right then customers will let you know about it. And it’s not good enough to just listen to the feedback – ever-increasingly, businesses are encouraged to take active action and address this feedback.

If a serious issue occurs, the venue manages must deal with this effectively. The phrase “the customer’s always right” might not always be right, but the phrase “the customer always has a smartphone” definitely is. You’re always just one or two clicks away from being named and shamed online. A bad review, social media post or even a private message could damage your business. We live in a world where everyone’s so connected, bad experiences are easily shared. And people really take note of reviews, too. Being transparent, honest and empathetic in all communications will help to show your business in a good light. Don’t just hide from bad comments – actually listen to the feedback, implement relevant changes and thank your customer for sharing their thoughts with you.

This challenge is close to NDML’s hearts. We understand the power of great customer service, especially in a digital world. We respect all our customers and have a personal relationship with many of them. We don’t just ping an email out a few weeks before renewal. We communicate with our customers throughout the year, offering advice on the industry as a whole – not just insurance.

As the demand for great customer service rises, so does the demand for great customer experience. A few drinks while dancing to the top 10 chart hits isn’t enough to excite people.

You can simply keep an eye on the latest trends and copy them, or you can evolve. The best night-time vendors are those who are constantly on guard, and open to experimenting with new ideas. Themed nights or experiences such as cocktail masterclasses or meet and greets are just some ways to bring in the crowds.

Reaching the right audience is also key. You can have the best event in the world, but it means nothing without the support of a great group of people having a good time. Marketing your venue and finding the right people to help promote your events is particularly important. Reach new audiences, nurture your existing customers and fulfil your promise of providing a great service and you can’t go too far wrong.

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