Staff Shortages Sparks Frustration in the Industry

Staff shortages in the hospitality industry are having a detrimental impact on businesses’ ability to operate and recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic.  So what are the reasons for this shortage, and how are the government and industry attempting to tackle it?

Businesses, organisations, and government departments have been working in partnership on several different schemes and campaigns to try and encourage people to work in hospitality.  For example, the DWP is working with trade bodies and Job Centres to promote opportunities in hospitality.  This aims to increase staffing numbers in hospitality whilst also improving perceptions of the industry.

Michael Kill, CEO of trade body the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA),  expressed fears that up to 60% of security positions were at risk of going unfulfilled at venues at events this summer. He stated:

“With the increase in demand we need to be at more than 100 percent and we are challenged to find that resource”

UKHospitality estimated that staff shortages in the hospitality industry are around 188,000 or a vacancy rate of 9%

For more information regarding our currently staffing and recruitment climate, the Covid  Furlough Scheme, and general perceptions from the industry, click here.

Six Till Six Kickstart Scheme

Six Till Six facilitates business’ applications to access fully funded staff (16-24 year olds) for a period of 6 months. The scheme provides businesses that are successful in their application with a grant to hire local unemployed young people on placements that last a minimum of six months.  Not only does this scheme provide businesses with an easy and low-cost way to hire local staff, but it also provides the staff with industry specific and soft skills that will aid them in future employment.

Other businesses have applied and been accepted for roles including HR support, IT Support, Social Media and Digital Marketing positions, Administration, Customer Service and Sales to name a few. As long as the position is a new and meaningful role and you’re a limited company / charity we should be able to help.

Each placement is for 25 hours per week, all wages and NI are covered by the government and you will receive a grant of £1500 per placement to cover set up costs/training etc. So bottom line, the £1500 grant will cover all the costs for each placement.  This is on top of the salary / NI contributions which are paid for by the government on top. So in effect, this is an opportunity to secure resources for 6 months, for free.

Application fee £250+VAT. This is provided at cost to enable us to offer the service.

And ONLY if your application is successful:

25% of the lump sum payment for each placement, so £375+VAT per £1500 grant received by you. This is far below the fee charged by many Kickstart Gateways, who often charge 50% or even 100% of the grant paid.

This fee includes providing the mandatory employability training for your placements, and a contribution to projects being developed by the NTIA Save Nightlife campaign to support our members and industry into the future.

Placements must be on Universal Credit and seeking PAYE work.  Each placement is for 6 months with no requirement to make the post permanent.

Get in touch

If your business is interested in exploring this opportunity, Six Till Six in partnership with NTIA provides an application support service.  You can find out more about the scheme and start the application process below:

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