Physical distancing measures are for everyone, including business. To stay safe and protect others we must minimise the opportunity for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread from one person to another.

In this public health crisis, it is vital that ALL businesses act responsibly and align fully with the physical distancing measures introduced to protect the nation’s health, well-being and economic future.

We recognise this continues to be a very testing time for business in Scotland.  We are grateful to the many companies that are being responsible by actively supporting homeworking and allowing staff the time off for isolation.

Remote working should remain the default position for those who can.

Where that is not possible businesses and organisations are encouraged to manage travel demand through staggered start times and flexible working patterns.

As Scotland continues to progress along with the route map out of lockdown, the Chief Medical Officer’s advice remains that all non-essential business premises, sites and attractions should close unless and until guidance on how they can safely reopen is published.

All published guidance on business premises will be found at: Coronavirus (COVID-19): returning to work safely

As such we would advise that all business premises, sites and attractions not required by law to close should remain closed unless:

  • essential to the health and welfare of the country during this crisis (as defined below) or
  • supporting (or being repurposed to support) essential services or
  • your business is able to open in accordance with the current position in the Scotland’s Route Map and
  • apart from in exceptional circumstances critical to lives and safety, capable of working in a way which is fully consistent with established physical distancing advice
  • every person in Scotland should continue to comply with the measures contained in: Coronavirus (COVID-19): staying safe and protecting others

The relevant authorities, including the police, have been given the powers to enforce the measures – including through issuing fines and dispersing gatherings.

These measures are in force for 6 months in the first instance, unless  revoked.

These measures are reviewed at least every 21 days.

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