Secretsundaze have been throwing events in East London for close to 20 years now. That’s one hell of a lot of parties, both at home and around the world, which have brought together tens of thousands of people to celebrate life and enjoy underground dance music in it’s various shapes and forms. Today, Secretsundaze isn’t just about those parties; it’s a record label with nearly 50 releases and a music studio which gives affordable access to local music makers.

The word community is bandied around a lot in dance music, but it’s one that holds true for Secretsundaze. Many people have made lifelong friendships on their dance floors, and founders James Priestley and Giles Smith know of countless couples who have met their life partners at the party.

Due to COVID-19, Secretsundaze as an organisation is now in very serious trouble. 90% of the company’s income is generated from live events, and without that, they’re simply unable to support a team of people who work incredibly hard. On top of that, last month, Secretsundaze Studios, the last modest revenue stream that was able to operate during the crisis, had to be vacated to make way for yet another East End property development.

They’ve made the difficult decision to ask for help, launching ‘Save Secretsundaze’ a month-long crowdfunder trying to raise £50,000. Money raised through this campaign will help keep the Secretsundaze world alive and will go towards securing a new studio, where they’ll create a learning centre that will allow them to formally train and mentor young people wishing to learn how to make and play electronic music. They’ll continue to do things for the right reason, striving for excellence and fairness, operating their business in an environmentally sustainable way and giving people opportunities that for some, might not be so easy to come by.

If you’ve ever danced at a Secretsundaze party, bought any of their records, passed through the studio or are simply passionate about dance music then please consider donating whatever you can afford. There’s various rewards including an exclusive Shanti Celeste print, a limited-edition Caterina Bianchini tee plus a guestlist for life pass. We’re very mindful of the struggles that many, especially within our industry are currently facing, so any support would mean the world.

Finally, and only when it is safe to do so, James and Giles look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor, hopefully in better days and for the mother of all parties!

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