In for a special edition of If These Walls Could Talk is Michael Kill from the Night Time Industries Association. Michael has been at the forefront of leading the charge for representation of the hospitality sector in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Across an hour and half we discuss his bodies’ dealings with government & their response to COVID-19. We set out to provide a useful resource in a long-form format as to what is actually going on with the hospitality sector, to debunk some unhelpful rumours and to think constructively about what a future might look like for the night time economy in the new normal; addressing issues with social distancing, track and trace and public safety as paramount.

We’d like to thank Michael profoundly for taking so much time out his schedule to talk to us in such an open fashion. He’d come straight out of a ministerial meeting to record with us! We hope this proves useful to many of you out there and an insight into the challenges faced by the sector as a whole in lifting out of lockdown.

Click below to listen to the podcast and learn more:

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