As the pubs reopen in England on 4th July the Portman Group joins calls from across the industry for pub-goers to emulate the moderate majority and take personal responsibility for their drinking, in line with the Government’s Enjoy Summer Safely campaign which begins today.

John Timothy, CEO of the Portman Group, the regulator and social responsibility body for alcohol in the UK, said:

“For those looking forward to returning to the pub, recognise that some things will be different, respect those serving you and others in the venue and enjoy your time responsibly.

“It is an opportunity to reconnect with friends and enjoy the much-needed face-to-face conversation. There are clear mental health benefits from spending time with friends and many people are likely to take advantage of the chance to socialise over a pint or a glass of wine.

“Pubs and bars have strict measures in place to ensure a safe environment and many are supported by long-term local initiatives to reduce alcohol harm. We encourage people to support their local pubs but to also emulate the moderate majority and do so in a responsible, considerate manner.”

The moderate majority are the 75% of UK adults who said that prior to the lockdown that they either did not drink or drank within the CMO’s guidelines of 14 units per week in a YouGov survey (2070 UK adults – 22-26 May) conducted for the Portman Group .  This equates to 6 pints of 4% ABV beer or 6 glasses of 13% ABV wine a week.

The study finds that the majority of Brits are drinking the same or less compared to before lockdown, with a large majority remaining within the UK Chief Medical Officers’ 14 units a week low risk drinking guidelines. Even among those drinking more, close to half remain within these guidelines.

The Portman Group encourages all those concerned about their drinking, or about the drinking of someone around them, should seek help from a health professional or visit for free support and practical advice to help them cut back.

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