NTIA PLAN FOR 2020 / 2021

Take a look at what we have planned for this year:

1. Establish legislation that defines lines of Accountability - Crimes are committed against venues, not by them!

In a similar manner to which shopping centres, opera houses, and football grounds are managed, night time operators shouldn’t be unfairly targeted for the actions of their patrons. Policymakers should consider the individual's responsibility for the crime rather than closing businesses based on indirect accountability.

2. Create 24 Hour Hubs - Drive towards more flexible licensing throughout the UK

Britain already has legally accepted 24 hour licensing – yet it exists in very few places. A global nation and cities need to be 24 hours and our professional and much-loved clubs and bars should be provided with far more flexible licensing hours throughout the day and night.

3. Establish Night Time Commissions and Nightlife Mayors in all major cities across the UK

The night time industry acts not only as a cultural beacon but as a driver of economic growth, employment, tourism, and regeneration both locally and nationally. We need Night Time Economy Ambassadors at all levels of government who recognise these benefits and can help shape legislation more responsibly, with a clear understanding of its value.

4. Fair Representation of the Night Time Economy within Local & National Government

The average age of a councillor in England is 60; fewer than 5% are under 35; 96% are white and only 31% are female. We desperately need more balanced representation when deliberating about the future of the UK’s nightlife. Young people, those who understand the realities and value of club culture, need to have their voices heard by local and national government.

5. Develop an Effective Music Tracking System for SFE Tariff Spaces within the UK / Challenge the current ecosystem for Music Royalty Collection and Payments #GetplayedGetPaid.

Challenging the current method with which Music Royalties are tracked and collected within Special Featured Entertainment Tariff Spaces. Generate an effective method with which cultural spaces pay a fair price for music and where artists are paid for the music that is being played.

6. Challenging the Licensed Security Shortage within the NTE alongside key stakeholders (Quarter 1)

Release a White Paper with recommendations on how to tackle the Shortage of Licensed Security within the Night-Time Business Sector.

7. Mental Health for the Night Time Economy

Establish Training Workshops through Key Partners AFEM/Getahead /Headstock in conjunction with Live focused on developing awareness of mental health within the workplace.

8. Analysis of Stealth Tax’s within the UK - Establishment of Cost vs Benefit (Quarter 3)

Release of a White Paper establishing Cost vs Benefit of current Stealth Taxes like Late Night Levy and the effectiveness of the Business Improvement Districts within the UK.