Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says

“We are disappointed that MPs have today voted in to law covid passports for nightclubs. The NTIA have consistently opposed their introduction due to the many logistical challenges they pose for night time economy businesses and what we have seen in Scotland and Wales where they have dampened trade by 30% and 26% respectively. It is very disappointing that, after flip flopping on the issue twice, the Government have decided to press ahead with the plans despite no evidence of their impact on transmission of the virus.”

“This is a slippery path we are going down. I would urge the Government to listen to its backbenchers now – this far and no further.”

“The Government’s public health messaging over the last two weeks has cost the industry billions in trade, lost stock and staff hours. These additional restrictions will jeopardise the survival of businesses in 2022 – we need urgent additional support now. And it goes without saying that if more measures are increased we need a proportionate support package including a return of the furlough scheme.

“Our members have supported the national pandemic effort for over two years, closing when they were asked, limiting trade, working with guidelines which took investment on new mitigations and training to be able to open there doors, and keep customers and staff safe.”

“Despite this, they are facing yet more sacrifice, which will stretch even the most prepared businesses across our sector. Let the Government not forget they have shown when addressing support for businesses that are overburdened with debt and at the sharpest end of the pandemic restrictions.”

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