The NTIA respectfully ask the Government to consider the following.

  1. Financial support extension

Introduction of further financial provision under the existing Coronavirus Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Fund Grant to support and protect businesses within a sector that are under financial pressure, given the extended period that they will be under lockdown, in support of the Government’s campaign to protect Public Health: 

Rateable Value of Grant award

  • businesses that are SBR relief eligible – grant required £25,000
  • businesses with a Rateable Value of up to £51,000 – grant required  £40,000
  • businesses with a Rateable Value of up to £101,000 – grant required £60,000
  • businesses with a Rateable Value of up to £150,000 – grant required £80,000
  • businesses with a Rateable Value of above £150,000 – grant required £100,000

We would also seek to include a Coronavirus Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Scheme which would consider businesses without Rateable Value within the supply chain that create the vital infrastructure for our sector to ensure they are able to gain access to financial support to ensure our sector bounces back from this crisis.

2.  Furlough support extension

Commit to an extension of the furlough provisions for businesses in our sector, unable to open on a profitable basis due to Public Health measures, with such extended furlough being paid at the 80% level until the end of 2020, with an inclusion for the Sole Directors of Limited Company’s and the ability to include Dividends as Income for the period in parallel with the current Furlough and SEIS Schemes.

3.  Landlords

Take action to secure:

  1. extensions to the Forfeiture Moratorium & suspension of Statutory Notices provisions until the end of 2020.
  2. further assistance in preventing actions from landlords who are playing ‘hard ball’ with tenants, including specific action to stop landlords forcing out tenants operating in the sector and then applying for ‘change of use’ for their premises.  Such action means that night time venues will be forever lost and replaced with residential units or alternative business use, losing some of our cultural heritage forever.

4. VAT Reduction

Commitment to reduce VAT to 5% on Hospitality & Events sector specific sales for the next 12 months

5.  Physical Distancing

A commitment to work with the NTIA and the wider industry:

  1. to work in conjunction with other parts of the industry, to seek ways of maintaining public health, compatible with the industry and its ability to survive commercially.  For example, a reduction in physical distancing measures, and the introduction of Track and Trace technology;
  2. take immediate action to recognise that the 2m physical distancing rule will mean that vast swathes of our sector can no longer operate, and be willing to engage in direct discussions with the NTIA, as the leading representative of our sector, with the aim of developing measures in relation to public health and screening that will enable our sector to survive;

Immediate action

  1. consider a rapid and continuous review to reduce the physical distancing measure, currently set at 2-metres, conducive to a safe and sustainable, social, and economic environment for all;
  2. develop measures to allow the removal of physical distancing dependant on the venue size or licenced areas.  For example, less than 100 customers
  3. create a sustainable Test and Tracking system to allow all venues to operate normally; and 
  4. reverse the narrative, when it is safe to do so, to ensure that the public are aware that it is safe to re-engage the market place and attend pubs, bars, nightclubs, and outdoor events.