The NTIA are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Crave Interactive, experts in creating outstanding digital service solutions for hospitality businesses worldwide.

In the past 12 months we have seen many dramatic changes within our industry.  With these changes, the need to diversify and adapt our businesses, to accommodate safety whilst balancing efficiency and maintaining customer service has proved challenging.  In line with this need, an increase in the provision of technical services and apps has flooded the marketplace, in an attempt to provide efficient and economical solutions to meet this demand.

The NTIA has been driven by this need to partner with organisations to provide flexible products and services for our businesses, which work on keeping customers and workers safe, whilst improving the efficiency of service delivery and of course, maintaining a great customer experience. No doubt, the challenges our industry faces will continue to evolve into the post pandemic new world and beyond.  We seek to work with established organisations like Crave Interactive, who want to achieve this, through walking the walk of our business owners, and their customers.

Consumers have welcomed mobile order and pay solutions and their safety and efficiency has been appreciated by operators over the past 12 months in particular. And with 81% of Crave users saying they want to continue to use mobile ordering after the pandemic has receded, it’s clear that mobile service is here to stay.

But Crave is on a mission to help hospitality businesses unlock the full potential of these innovations to assist their recovery through the end of the pandemic and growth into the future.   The company believes the coming years will see the advent of intelligent mobile service, using data and human intelligence to provide even better, personalised service, seamlessly blending digital with human service, while providing operators with the tools to significantly increase sales and profits.

Born out of 10 years experience in digital ordering, Crave’s ServeSafely solution delivers a simple and intuitive customer experience, with instant access via QR code. Combining its technology, service and know-how, Crave employs best practices to enhance the customer experience and drive profitability for bars, nightclubs, events venues, pubs, restaurants and theatres.

Our Partnership objectives are to create a platform and facilitate insightful discussion seeking to better understand how the pandemic has changed consumer and operator perspectives of the ordering and payment experience, examine the unprecedented opportunities these digital platforms present, explore how they can be tailored to the unmet needs and nuances of Night Time Economy operators and, together, consider how digital solutions could assist the sector to recover and thrive post pandemic.

In the meantime, Crave will shortly be releasing its whitepaper on the future of intelligent mobile service along with results of a survey of 4,400 users, shining a light on consumers’ perceptions of mobile ordering and their views on how they want these solutions to evolve.  We will be bringing both reports to you in the near future.

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