The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) comment on further restrictions announced today by Matt Hancock

Michael Kill, CEO of the NTIA, says:
“The inconsistent decision making, constantly changing restrictions, disproportionate support, open and close strategy is causing severe hardship, crippling the economy and having a devastating impact on people’s well being”
“We have seen countries, particularly in the southern hemisphere, learn valuable lessons from erratic decision making whilst managing this pandemic, and swiftly recognise the challenges in society and the economy, but quickly recognise and implement a robust long term strategy supported by a substantial financial package”
“And while it is extremely positive news that we now have 2 vaccines approved, we still have no roadmap or long term strategy, and businesses are failing due to the inability to financially plan for survival”
“It is unreasonable to ask people to sacrifice their livelihoods and businesses, without full compensation for the losses incurred through these restrictions.”
“The  level of ignorance from Government for the Night Time Economy & Hospitality Businesses, particularly Nightclubs, venues and freelancers has been shameful, especially given their commitment to the Government’s current public health campaign, and the billions of pounds in tax these businesses and individuals pay to the treasury every year”

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