Furlough Ends But Confidence Hinders Recovery Of Sector Workforce Says NTIA

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says

“Furlough without a doubt has been one of the saving graces of the pandemic, with industry now open and starting to bounce back, and furlough ending, we are still some way off pre pandemic staffing levels.”

“Much of the workforce have taken other roles while claiming furlough and have monopolised on their position, and when asked to return decided to leave the sector, with concerns around sector uncertainty.”

“The implementation of winter operating restrictions are a concern for many businesses, presenting challenges on how to manage resource levels in the future whilst battling workforce confidence.”

“Businesses that have been closed during the pandemic have fallen foul of contributions through July, August & September, at a time when they have no revenue, against other businesses that were able to open albeit at a limited capacity.”

“The months leading up to the end of furlough presented operators with some difficult decisions, with no clear sight of opening, many opted to streamline their workforce.”

“Contractor and Staff Shortages are still a huge challenge for the sector, we need the headspace to rebuild, reestablish a talent pipeline, but confidence and sustainability is a big factor.”

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