Reacting to yesterday’s announcements on the relaxation of the COVID lockdown, Michael Kill, Chief Executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) said,

“Yesterday’s announcements are to be welcomed as they will help many businesses start to recover from ‘Lockdown’. But the 10 day build up period to 4th July will be costly and hard to meet for many businesses and we need to see the details of the guidance and protocols associated with today’s news. And it’s important to remember that whilst this is the ‘green light’ for some venues to re-open, many of them will struggle to be profitable even with the Social Distancing mandate reduced to 1m. But for many of our members, including night clubs, casinos and some pubs, restaurants and bars that can’t meet the 1m Social Distancing obligations, the nightmare of enforced closure goes on. This reinforces our urgent call for the Government to commit to further immediate financial support for our sector. These excluded venues play a vital part in the cultural and civic life of our communities the length and breadth of the country. Businesses operating in the night-time economy have needs distinct from those operating in more general hospitality and it would be unforgivable if those needs are not taken into account by Government’”

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