The Night Time Industry Association 

The NTIA is the voice of the Night-Time Economy & Events sector, working on behalf of late-night businesses to increase awareness and understanding of the sector’s contribution to the UK economy and wider community. 

“The NTIA is led by people who care passionately and work tirelessly for our night time industry. They do not do it as a day job, or for profit or gain. They do it because they know from personal experience what it means to confront the challenges that this industry endures. They do it because they feel the pressure, but they know what needs to be done to resist it; they know how to do it, and they make it happen. This is full on, front line representation for a full on, front line industry. It changes things. That’s the difference.” ~ Sarah Clover – Licensing and Planning Barrister (Kings Chambers) 

We are calling everyone who loves the Night-Time Industry! 

We need your help to do something remarkable. 

With many of our peoples facing uncertain times, redundancies, and losing entire businesses, it is now time to stand up and challenge those who are suffocating our industry. 

Now is your chance to get involved, raise much-needed funding, and come together to support our cause in a fight to protect those viable businesses and everyone within them to ensure we have a fighting chance of survival through this pandemic and beyond! 



Dance Music Artists and Industry made an urgent plea to the Government to support the UK’s world-leading Dance Music & Events sector. 

Stars from the UK’s Dance Music sector, alongside festivals, nightclubs, and industry figures issued an urgent plea for support from the UK Government that the dance music clubs & events sector must be protected and recognised as an important part of the nation’s arts and culture in parity with the wider Live Music sector, to ensure equal access to support. 

The call to the Government came following the announcement of a £1.57bn support package for Britain’s arts and culture sector. However, the government narrative to-date on the allocation of this support has not included nightclubs, dance music events, and festivals to receive funding from this package for the arts. 

The campaign is supported by a host of artists who are standing up for their art including Adam Beyer, Andy C, Caribou, Charlotte De Witte, Daniel Avery, Eats Everything, Fatboy Slim, Four Tet, Danny Rampling, Irvine Welsh, Maya Jane Coles, Massive Attack, Mistajam, Norman Jay OBE, Pete Tong, Roni Size, Simone Butler (Primal Scream), and Thom Yorke.

Looking further ahead, it is impossible to overstate how important a vibrant nightlife and festival culture will be for the UK to try and maintain a position of international cultural relevance in decades to come. We must continue in our efforts to ensure proper guidance is put in place to support and protect our venues, festivals, artists, freelancers, and supply chain. 

We must make sure that the UK Government includes our nightclub venues, dance festivals (and all the businesses & artists involved) in its financial support plans. Clubs are being forgotten and the discussion on festivals remains unclear. WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT! We want to see you back on the dance floor! 


British nightlife is under threat. Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing too close to existing venues, and a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture have all played their part in eroding our nightlife. The statistics tell the same story: in the last decade, the number of UK clubs and live music venues has almost halved. We are building a collective of people who, within our Commissions, are concerned for nightlife and who can raise their voices together in support of it. Together we can shape the cities of the future. 

We need your support to set up commissions in Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Nottingham as well as NTIA Scotland, NTIA Wales, and NTIA Northern Ireland. 


A collective of all campaigns coming together to orchestrate the critical disputes and actions, and through collaboration, drive a unified agenda as one voice. We need support to coordinate, promote, and facilitate arbitration, mediation, and conciliation to settle such disputes through the official channels, whilst driving the message to the press and via social media. 


The Night Time Industry Association supports its members and partners to develop inclusive and high-quality business models, for customers, their workforce, aspiring artists, and creatives. We have created a public ‘Call to Act’ to encourage best working practices and promote a diverse and inclusive culture through education, awareness, and driving our own initiatives for change. LAUNCH DATE: 1ST NOVEMBER 2020. 

We want to attract, retain, and support the growth of talent and help our members foster an inclusive culture that allows everyone to thrive 

Participants will join the Night Time Industries Association in this Call to Act and pledge to encourage organisations, businesses, and individuals to commit to working on two or more challenges in the next 12 months to help improve inclusion and diversity in the industry within our three key focus areas: Music Culture & Experience, Talent, and Regulatory Landscape.

Music Culture forms the basis of every business in our industry and we want to provide accessibility, education, and awareness to a diverse network of cultures so we can expand our entertainment, food, and drink offering and educate communities in cultural diversity to create further commercial opportunities across a range of sectors. 

We need funding to conduct a Cultural Change & Demographic Influences Case Study to understand the impact of cultural diversity, attitudes, and education within communities to ultimately understand the correlation between enhancing a diverse community and their GDP. 

Talent. Companies with the highest gender and ethnic-cultural diversity are 50% MORE likely to achieve above-average profitability. In the UK, 78% of companies fail to reflect the demographic composition of the country’s labour force and population (*Mckinsey report, Why Diversity Matters, 2015). 

We hold a vision that education, awareness, and collaboration will formulate development pathways for all strands of a workforce irrelevant of their job role, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, belief, or socioeconomic background. 

We need your support to; 

Launch a Festivals and Events Sponsorship toolkit to help businesses develop their talent; Create a Management Development Programme for employees; 

Provide a platform to share best practices and guidance on diversity in recruitment, retention, training, and development. 

The Regulatory Landscape plays an important role in what festivals, events, restaurants, clubs, bars, and venues can offer to its customers and cultural misconceptions, personal prejudice, and unconscious bias can influence decisions made by regulators within our communities creating an exclusive culture. Removing these barriers will allow for a more collaborative and healthier landscape for all. 

We need your support to conduct a case study on the assessment of license applications for the previous 12-month period, looking at decisions made for and against licenses and the impact on communities, and address the findings to assess the reasons behind decisions and how best they can be reapproached. We will then prepare real-time solutions through relationship management, collaboration, and training. 

Wellbeing. Many Diversity and Inclusion policies direct their efforts towards assessing diversity based on their underrepresented characteristics, but the truth is, we are all individuals from multiple socioeconomic backgrounds who encompass multiple characteristics, and we all deal with our differences and our circumstances in different ways. There is no blanket solution. We cannot fully understand diversity and inclusion unless we understand how individuals feel within their environment.

We need your support to provide the following: 

A central wellbeing platform with direct and signposted access to support and guidance on key challenges within our industry, including Coping through Covid, Leadership in Wellbeing, Building Resilience, and Wellbeing in the Workplace; 

Bringing together specialists within the industry to build webinars and podcasts to share experiences in managing wellbeing in the workplace; with workshops on how to lead in wellbeing, how to manage redundancies, how to talk to your people, and who leaders can talk to. 

Holding a NTIA Mini Virtual Festival celebrating Mental Awareness within the Workplace in November 2020 with the mental health organisation, Getahead. 



The pre-action protocol for judicial review has been served to challenge the Government’s decision to implement a national curfew of 10 pm on hospitality premises. The curfew, which has had a significant impact on pubs, bars, restaurants, and other hospitality venues across the country, has been in place since 24th September 2020 and has been widely criticised by industry experts and politicians alike. 

The implementation of the 10 pm curfew and further restrictions on the sector has had a catastrophic impact on business levels, resulting in thousands of businesses making the difficult decision to close their doors or make staff redundant. 

The decision to implement a curfew makes no sense and has no published scientific or medical foundation for reducing transmission rates. It is counterproductive, with thousands of customers leaving hospitality venues at 10 pm creating mass gatherings on the street and overcrowding public transport. 

Jeremy and his Team at G-A-Y have been long-standing members of the NTIA, and we are fully supportive of the action he has taken to start Pre-Action Protocol to judicially review the decision by the Government to implement the national curfew of 10 pm on all hospitality sector businesses. 


NTIA joined industry leaders in the North in mounting a legal challenge to the Government’s lockdown restrictions which will be catastrophic to the Night-Time Economy and Hospitality Sector. This is following the announcement of further restrictions being implemented within the North of England on Monday (12th October 2020) and further restrictions now imposed in 

Manchester, Liverpool, London, and Essex (15th October 2020).

The industry has been left with no other option but to legally challenge the so-called ‘common sense’ approach narrative of implementing further restrictions across the North of England from the Government. These new measures will have a catastrophic impact on late-night businesses and are exacerbated further by an insufficient financial support package presented by the Chancellor in an attempt to sustain businesses through this period. 

This next round of restrictions is hugely disproportionate and unjust, with no scientific rationale or correlation to PHE transmission rates, when compared to other key environments. Systematic closure of businesses across the UK must be challenged when there is no clear evidence or reason. 


We are moving into a critical part of our campaigns to save and protect an entire sector from collapse. The next stage requires some specific expertise which will help ramp up the momentum and pressure on government decision making. Without this additional funding, we jeopardise everything we have already achieved, and we cannot risk not being able to achieve this final drive in momentum. We must continue to fight on behalf of everyone who has lost or is in jeopardy of losing their job or their business, and for an industry that has been utterly discriminated against from the start of this pandemic. 

We must continue to fight with science and truth. We must drive the Government’s agenda! We are the experts in our industry and the holders of our future.

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