We are looking forward to sitting on the panel on ‘How to start and run a venue’ at ‘Off The Record’ Music Festival & Conference on 15th November 2019 – Music venues are not merely empty spaces that host live music, but centres of culture which can transform an artists bedroom beats into a night of pure euphoria, and after years of creating memories and contributing to the community, become entrenched in a cities identity.

However, times are harder than ever for venue owners. With financial pressures from development companies and poor turnouts, opening a new venue in the current climate might seem like a death wish. There are some, however, who are making it work. This panel sees owners of venues new and old come together to look back on how the business has changed, discuss the challenges face when running a venue and look forward to seeing what the future will hold for venues and music lovers alike.

Website: https://www.otrmcr.co.uk

Event: 15th November 2019

Location: Methodist Central Hall Oldham Street Manchester M1 1JQ

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