Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, reacted to the Downing St press conference:

“Where on earth is the Chancellor of the Exchequer???

“Tonight’s press conference was the latest blow in a week of the Government’s public health messaging taking a sledge hammer to what is usually the busiest period of the year for Night Time Economy businesses. With the Prime Minister appearing to lack the political will to impose actual restrictions, and instead seeking to induce a pseudo-lockdown through repeated sombre-sounding announcements, our sector is now facing the worst of both worlds – a drop in footfall and no Government support to help us through.

“It is quite staggering that despite the obvious implications of the Government’s rhetoric we haven’t heard a squeak out of HM Treasury. The Chancellor needs to come out of hiding and outline how he will support nightlife businesses – who have already carried so much burden in the last two years – through the Omicron wave. Surely he can see it will only be worse for the economy in the long run if these businesses are left to try to fend off failure on their own.”

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