Written Assembly Questions answered on 15 June

Gordon Dunne (DUP, North Down): To ask the Minister of Finance which business types within the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors are eligible for the full one-year rate relief holiday, as referenced in his statement on 19 May 2020.

Minister of Finance: In my statement of 19 May, I announced that a targeted rate relief scheme will be introduced from 1 August to provide further support to those sectors identified as having the greatest need: specifically, all retail, hospitality, leisure, tourism and childcare sectors, and the 3 main airports. The precise details, including a number of exceptions, will be included in Regulations, shortly to be laid before the Assembly.

Justin McNulty (SDLP, Newry and Armagh): To ask the Minister for the Economy to detail any discussions she has had with the Irish Government to coordinate the lifting of lockdown restrictions on hotel operators and caravan parks.

Minister for the Economy: I have had several telephone calls with Shane Ross TD, Minister in the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport, to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our respective tourism industries. However, our discussions have not focussed on co-ordinating the lifting of lockdown restrictions on hotel operators and caravan parks. These are matters for the Northern Ireland Executive and the Irish Government to consider in the context of our respective COVID-19 lockdown roadmaps.

Written Assembly Questions tabled on 15 June for an answer on 30 June

Claire Sugden (IND, East Londonderry): To ask the Minister of Finance whether he has any plans to extend the targeted one-year rates relief to businesses who do not currently pay business rates; and why he has not extended rates relief to domestic rates customers whose home is intrinsically linked to their business.

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