Reacting to the guidance and regulation for businesses reopening on the 4th of July, Michael Kill, Chief Executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) said:

The 4th of July is shaping up to be ‘doomsday’ rather than the ‘Independence Day’ that the Government envisages. This week has seen businesses battling to get to grips with these new guidelines that are unfortunately not fit for purpose. The lack of clarity has also meant some businesses are falling victim to the lack of flexibility between what the Government is asking them to do and what licensing and planning regulators say they can do.

Our members feel stuck in a bizarre tug of war between Government, licensing and planning regulators and the police. But no one knows which rope to pull and in which direction, leaving businesses stranded in the middle with no way to move forward and out of this mess.

The public are rightly concerned about what this state of affairs means for people of all ages that are desperate for an outlet and a safe environment to catch up with their friends. No one wants to see a rise in illegal raves and gatherings like we have seen in recent weeks. But the threat of these events becoming mainstay is real unless Night Time Economy businesses are given a clear roadmap for them to safely re-engage the market place, with further financial support to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Our businesses form a rich part of the UK’s cultural tapestry and are being crippled. If guidance is not urgently altered the industry faces being wiped out altogether which would be devastating for the British population.

NTIA Survey Results on Hospitality Opening Weekend – 938 Respondents to the Survey Completed by Businesses across the Hospitality Sector:

When asked if they would be opening on the 4th July Onwards
51.6% – Would NOT be opening
42% Would be opening
6.4% Only Opening Outside areas

Late Night Venues /Nightclubs/Live Ents Venues
65% of Respondents within this category said they wouldn’t attempt open
30% of Respondents would open but change the business model to open

Bars / Pubs & Restaurants
65% of Respondents within this category said they would open
31% of Respondents within this category said they would NOT open

Use of Outdoor Spaces Only
5% of Respondents were Nightclubs and Late Bars
4% Pubs

From the respondents who said they would not be opening we asked what the reasons were for not opening from the 4th July?
52.6% Not Financially Viable
30.8% Could not meet Covid Guidance Requirements
2.6% No Authorised Planning or Licensing
14.1% Other

Other Reasons: Awaiting Impact of people Operating through this weekend / Concerned about attitudes of the Regulators.

Late Night Venues /Nightclubs/Live Ents Venues
49% Not Financially Viable
41% Unable to achieve Covid Measures

Bars/Pubs & Restaurants
64% Not Financially Viable
29% Unable to achieve Covid Measures

When asked whether they would require further support from the Government during this period of re engagement?
94.3% Yes they would require further support
5.7% No further support would be needed.

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