Finance Minister Conor Murphy is extending emergency provision for tenants having difficulty paying rent on commercial leases as a result of the pandemic.

The special provision in the Coronavirus Act 2020 which initially applied until 30 June is being extended until 30 September 2020.

Making the announcement, Conor Murphy said: “The economic recovery is only getting underway. That is why I am extending protections for a further three months for businesses unable to pay rent.”

A new voluntary Code of Practice for landlords and tenants has today been published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The Code encourages tenants to continue to pay their rent in full if they can, while acknowledging that landlords should provide support to businesses in difficulty.

Commenting on the Code of Practice, Conor Murphy said: “I understand the financial pressure on landlords where rent is outstanding; however, I would again appeal for leniency to be shown to businesses in difficulty. I welcome publication of this new Code of Practice which seeks to promote good practice between tenants and landlords, working together to get through this pandemic.”

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