Continued Representation
You can continue to rely on our proven ability to represent our industries through channelling your voice and keeping what matters to you at the forefront of frontline discussions.
Bringing Together Communities
Through communication with our customers, regulators, and residents, we represent our industries by ensuring Customers are aware of our standards. We aim to build community confidence by ensuring our businesses have the correct approach and operate in the best interests of everyone who lives, works, and plays at night.
Membership Status
Official membership status for NTIA, #Savenightlife and #Letusdance demonstrates your commitment to your industry and in the community you serve.
Advice and Guidance
From supply chain, to licensing, access to grants, environmental health, police matters, security issues and customer complaints, if you have a query, we are here to help you.
NTIA Business Health Check
Assessment of your current operational costs with recommendations on efficiency management.
NTIA Debt Support Helpline
Direct guidance and support to manage debts whilst running your business.
NTIA Member Assistance Programme
Intervention support programme designed to assist members and their employees in resolving personal problems.
Member HR Support
Access to advice and guidance for your people.
Direct Business Support
Direct advice and guidance for your business including licensing, compliance, financial support advice.
NDML Business Protection
Exclusive discount for members.
Access to Industry Experts
Direct support provided to members covering a range of issues including commercial rents, licensing, compliance, safeguarding, equity and diversity, wellbeing, marketing and promoting, and customer experience.
Access to Training
Free and discounted training on Safeguarding, Compliance and Community Culture.
Access to Operational Standards of Excellence
Best Practice is what lies at the heart of what we do. Standards of Excellence As a member we will provide you with the support, guidance, and pathway to achieving Excellence.
Exclusive NTIA Events
Helping you grow and develop through a range of conferences and exhibitions tailored around Nightlife with access to real networking
Access to Negotiated Procurement
Access to a range of services and suppliers via our NTIA Service Directory.
Monthly E-Newsletters
Weekly e-publications on topical issues, industry events, music & culture, support, and guidance.
Access to member only chat groups
Get direct advice and support not just from us but from other members!