London Promoters’ Society back ‘ere for our first piece of 2021. 

As with our previous blog NTIA entries which have taken on this ‘5 favourites’ format (e.g. 5 Promoters Keeping The Dream Alive and 5 grassroots promoters to check out), we’ve again here chosen an uplifting theme, focusing on the spaces and experiences we can look forward to in the future. In the hope of encouraging us all to stay calm, positive and visionary; in what is overwhelming a rather challenging 2nd lockdown.

Instead of being promoter-focused, today we turn to venues, picking out 5 UK-based spots which we hope survive these times and continue to showcase more incredible performance. Our previous picks features have been London-centric but scrap that for this celebration…

  1. Cosies, Bristol

A truly intimate spot. Warm, welcoming, inviting. A wine bar, a rave spot, a cellar like no-other. Hidden away yet so well loved. Promoting turntablism of all kinds, encouraging DJs to bring bags of records and duck down low. 

     2. White Hotel, Manchester

Imagine going for a walk in Salford one night and hearing a very distant sound of bass reverberation. You follow your sonic scent until you come across an old car garage, with a couple of smiling security stood outside. You decide to take a punt and walk in…you enter to find one of the most body-rumbling sound systems accompanied by a bar carved into the floor serving drinks at your feet, a raised cage with some of the most forward-thinking DJs slamming tunes from inside it, and a crowd of Manchester’s music fanatics. Would you ever leave?

    3. Kitchen Street, Liverpool

Having hosted workshops and exhibitions as well as some of Liverpool’s most raucous club nights, Kitchen Street epitomises how good night out can be in Merseyside. Managed with love, fighting for its rights, always innovating.

    4. The Bongo Club, Edinburgh 

Located in Edinburgh’s central Cowgate area, it’s a Scottish clubbing delight. It has its very own beer garden, residency events which draw both students and the city’s musical aficionados, and a community of attendees who even came together to find innovative solutions to save the venue from what seemed like forced closure in 2012. 

    5. The Wire, Leeds

Remembered for its uniquely set up Funktion One Soundsystem, dynamic programming and low brick ceilings which accelerate you away from any worry about the outside world, this is really an underground Leeds institution.

We hope rather than rubbing salt in the wounds, a quick memory of these venues has stirred the appetite just enough to help any event lovers wade through the mud that little bit longer. 

See you all there again one day x


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