This guidance is for organisations required to conduct COVID-19 status checks. You should check government guidance to determine whether your organisation is required to conduct checks.

Government guidance has been published for EnglandNorthern IrelandScotland and Wales.

Before your event

You should be clear, open and honest with people about what you are doing with their personal information.

What this could look like in practice:

  • Share your privacy notice on your website, on social media or email it alongside any event information.
  • Put up posters around your venue’s entrance.

When conducting COVID status checks

Please follow the government guidance for your part of the UK to determine whether you should carry out a purely visual check, or a digital scan to check a person’s COVID status (also referred to as a COVID pass). If you are encouraged to carry out a digital check, you should use your nation’s official government app to check people’s status.

What this could look like in practice:

  • If you’re carrying out a digital check:
  • Don’t create any of your own lists or records with your customers’ status.
  • Make sure staff can answer questions about how data will be used, what information is being checked and whether any data is being stored.
  • Ensure that your staff treat the information that they are checking confidentially.


After conducting COVID status checks

It’s important you keep up-to-date with the latest advice from government and our data protection advice.

What this looks like in practice

  • Check your government’s COVID-19 guidance pages for the latest advice.
  • Bookmark the ICO’s COVID-19 hub for our latest advice on data protection and COVID-19.

If you need more help you can find helpful advice on our ‘Vaccination and COVID status checks’ guidance page.

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