The UK is a dominating force in the culture and business of dance music since spawning the rave scene from humbling beginnings on the M25 in the late ’80s. No one could have imagined what those parties would inspire- a global empire of electronic music that has reached every corner of the globe and employs millions of people. It is projected that the electronic music industry valuation will reach 9bn by 2021 according to the IMS Business Report of 2018. Pretty good result for a bunch of hippies listening to music on a motorway.

With the influence of dance music saturating our daily lives, one would be hard-pressed to deny that it is an industry that is thriving and growing at an accelerated pace. Everything from technology through to the DJ that everyone wants to see has an economic impact. Events and festivals capture a massive revenue share with Ultra Worldwide, for example, hosting more than 1 million people per year across some 45 events in 20 different countries. Record labels, venues/clubs, streaming and DJ fees are additional pieces of this electronic music pie, again, making billions each year. Follow these economic trails and one can easily see that the branches of the industry regularly cross-pollinate with a diverse range of other industries: travel, hospitality, retail, sports and other entertainment sectors like film and television. Therefore, music-centric businesses are in constant need of qualified and career-minded professionals to fill a wide variety of roles however, finding the right candidate for the job can be a challenge.

This business of dance music is dynamic and complicated – it’s not always welcoming for newcomers, and you likely won’t find classes on how to run a venue, learn to DJ or market an event in your school’s curriculum. With so much need for talented people to keep this music industry running, why then do we have this barren wasteland of education and resources?

It was this very problem that inspired an electronic music icon to do something about it. Tired of resting on her successes, she decided the time had come to give something back to the industry that had given her so much.

Humble beginnings snowballed into an inspired 12-week programme that sets the standard for a real career in the music industry. Not only are learners taught by accredited tutors and able to receive accelerated math and English courses in tandem with their music career studies, Lisa Lashes School of Music is bridging the gap between employer and employee.

The reality of the music business is that it takes a real effort and a real commitment to succeed. There are no easy ins and it’s not a continuous party, no matter how your social media feed may look. For those who have the drive, tenacity and most of all, deep desire to be part of this crazy world of music, the first step on your journey can start today.

“We’re looking forward to inspiring you so you can inspire us.”

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