It’s understandable that the changing seasons can sometimes impact your creative flow. For a music
artist that’s not an ideal situation to be in (or one for any artist really). Here at the Lisa Lashes
School of Music we have compiled a list of five methods to get you back into the groove!

As a school of DJ Professionals and tutors, we are more than aware of how a block in your creative
output can impact you emotionally and mentally. Take a look at this list for some help on how to get
past your block!

1. Listen to other music

It may be tempting to listen to your favorite tracks on repeat during these times of drought.
But don’t forget to nourish your input by treating your ears to some new tracks. By listening
to music you wouldn’t normally, you may stumble on something that sparks your interest
(and your creative tendencies!).

2. Set goals

Holding yourself accountable and setting goals is a part of any artist’s life. Taking your craft
seriously is vital to ensuring continuous growth. When you look at bestselling writers such
as Sarah Waters and Sebastian Faulks they make sure to write 1000 words a day. Waters
said that “those 1,000 words might well be rubbish – they often are. But then, it is always
easier to return to rubbish words at a later date and make them better”. The same is true
for music. You start a track and it becomes much easier to work on your sound.

3. Try something different

Many musicians get stuck in the same methods of composition, they might get a track in
their head and flesh it out on a computer or keyboard, or start playing around with a mix
and making it their own. Either way, make sure to spice it up every now and then – why not
try different stimuli like an image or an animal. Or use the sound of an instrument you’ve
never used before.

4. Do something else

This may be the hardest option, but one thing that many musicians say is not to get stressed
about your output, your worth is not linked to the amount of music you produce. Take a
break when you need it, you might be struggling for inspiration because you need a
breather. Self-care is an important lesson that we all must learn, be kind to yourself (even
ravers and metalheads need to unwind every now and then!).

5. Have a mix session with a buddy

Very few things inspire like the words of a good mate. Being able to bounce ideas back and
forth and play around with sound is a great way of generating new and exciting ideas.

Very few places offer the opportunity to learn from the greats, but at Lisa Lashes School of Music,
you can learn from professional DJs. With lessons about social media presence, rekordbox,
beatmatching and much more, this twelve-week program is sure to kickstart or boost your
musical career!

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