Responding to the Government’s proposed planning reforms, Local Government Association Chairman, Cllr James Jamieson said:

“While we await the details of these planning proposals, it is vital that any reforms provide the right protections so residents have the power to shape the area they live in. This needs to be through a locally-led planning system which enables councils to deliver resilient, prosperous places that meet the needs of their communities.

“Any suggestion that planning is a barrier to housebuilding is a myth. Nine in 10 planning applications are approved by councils, while more than a million homes given planning permission in the last decade have not yet been built.

“We all want great communities. The planning system needs to be able to ensure developments are of a high standard, are built in the right places, including affordable homes and are supported by an infrastructure that provides enough schools, promotes greener and more active travel, and tackles climate change.

“The Government’s own independent report warned of the worse quality of homes not delivered through the planning system. We urge the Government to heed these warnings and not further side-line the planning process.

“The Government needs to give councils the tools, powers and flexibilities required to plan for and deliver the quality homes and places communities need. We stand ready to work with Government to ensure any reforms improve the system.”

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