The Inspirational Learning Group (TILG)  was recently approved as a government gateway for their Kickstart scheme. As a gateway they facilitate businesses’ applications to access fully funded staff (16-24 year olds) for a period of 6 months. Other businesses have applied and been accepted for roles including HR support, IT Support, Social Media and Digital Marketing positions, Administration, Customer Service and Sales to name a few. As long as the position is a new and meaningful role and you’re a limited company / charity we should be able to help.

Each placement is for 25 hours per week, all wages and NI are covered by the government and you will receive a grant of £1500 per placement to cover set up costs/training etc.  – of which TILG will retain £750 per placement to manage these costs.  So bottom line, the £1500 grant will cover all the costs for each placement including TILG’s retainer.  This is on top of the salary / NI contributions which are paid for by the government on top. TILG receives the grant and will forward the payment onto you. So in effect, this is an opportunity to secure resources for 6 months, for free.

Placements must be on Universal Credit and seeking PAYE work.  Each placement is for 6 months with no requirement to make the post permanent.

To apply please complete the form in the link below

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