The NTIA are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Joos Power to help the hospitality industry come back stronger than ever and to help the U.K. stay safe as we all begin to go out again. Joos portable chargers mean people no longer have to worry about how they will place orders and get home safely if their phone runs out of charge. Removed of this worry, they stay out longer. Just like that, Joos has saved the night and, with it, supercharged our night-time economy. 

Times have changed and there is an alternative to sitting next to a plug point and waiting for your phone to charge. With Joos’s next-generation power bank rental service, people can rely on Joos to charge their phones wherever the night may take them. Grab a power bank at a Joos Box and drop it off at another, wherever or whenever you please. All this is made simple with the Joos app, which empowers people to charge on the move with a seamless digital customer experience. 

The post-pandemic world has emerged much more reliant on phones. Be it for NHS Track & Trace, placing orders, making contactless payments, or working out how to get home – phones are only becoming a bigger part of people’s lives. Pre-COVID, one in ten Brits ended their nights early because their phones were dead or dying. This makes sense considering that half of 18–24-year-olds consider their phones more important than their wallets. Ultimately, running out of charge cuts a night short. This is where Joos steps in and keeps the party going. 

Both the Joos and the NTIA are on a mission to make sure people feel less anxious on nights out. Over four in five women of all ages say they’d feel unsafe if their phone were running out of battery in an unfamiliar place. Once Joos strips customers of this low-battery anxiety, people maximise their enjoyment and make the most of their night. Put simply, if their phones stay charged, they stay out, and feel safe. 

The Co-founder & COO of Joos, Josh Baah, said “We at Joos are thrilled to help promote our product with the NTIA and help people stay charged, stay safe, and stay connected – all while giving the night-time economy what it needs to get back on its feet and running. We do all we can to make sure people can keep calm, carry on, and party with peace of mind.”

We look forward to working with the Joos to further causes important to us and help the U.K´s hospitality industry get back on its feet.  

For further information on the new product and how to find it in your city visit the Joos website below:

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